"Jie Yi Tang" Originates from Chuang Tzu's "All things are one," which is the typical Chinese philosophy, and it cleans up all the differences and makes things equal. The original purpose of Jie Yi Tang is "Let art be integrated into life, become a form that can be heard, seen, and worn, achieve the harmony of things, cultivate the taste of the soul, and give birth to the formation of Chinese life aesthetics.”
Jie Yi Tang is a lifestyle brand, focusing on the wear, social and home life of the high-end business people in China, to provide or customize a modern oriental lifestyle for the high-end people who love the oriental fashion.
Both of the brand concept is to use modern, fashion, life to integrate the art of the handcraft into the modern life, such as business with advanced customization, provide a gift butler service for the entrepreneurs, and the tea, incense, home and other cultural products which are about the life.
There are two experience spaces in Shenzhen's OCT Harbor. One is the lifestyle experience hall located in the bamboo forest, The other is the clothing store which are mainly the oriental fashionThe lifestyle experience hall of Jie Yi Tang is especially appreciated by the media and consumers. In the overall space modeling, it imitates the traditional Chinese circular copper money with square holes, which embodies the Chinese classical cosmological view of the sky and the earth. Indoor use a large number of green plants, bamboo, garden flooring and grille ceiling design, and the overall furniture design is based on a simple modern style with a bit of Chinese details.

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