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Creative Exhibition Center

The OCT Creative Exhibition Center is located at the northeast main entrance of the OCT Harbour. The silvery “water drop” design is branded with a strong modernist architectural style. Now it has become a landmark project of OCT Harbour. The building is designed by the renowned Chinese popular architect Mr. Zhu Pei, with a total construction area of approximately 4,000 square meters. The interior of the venue is divided into three layers of structure, with an arc-shaped staircase, wall and dome design, plus all-white wall surface. The surrealistic look and feel has removed the style limitation for its commercial culture exhibition adding a bit of modern beauty. The internationally leading pressure-sensitive lighting system used in the venues can automatically change shades according to the increase or decrease in the number of visitors creating a totally different day and night effect, which is both environment friendly and energy efficient, and enables the building to be of excitability and vitality.

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