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Qushui Bay

Qushui Bay gourmet bar street

With a construction area of about 57,000 square meters, Quishui Bay is an open space combination of “near water detached buildings + outer space + through street waterways” to create a poetic picture of bridges and rivers. The facade of the building is dominated by gray tone black bricks supplemented by wood-like steel frame structures and organic bamboo and wood building materials, which emphasizes the cultural trait, the effectiveness of environmental protection and energy conservation.

Shenzhen Bay deep-sea's high-quality seawater flows into this largest dining entertainment water edge district in South China. The food street has a selection of world-famous cuisines bringing together South Beauty Club House, Xiao Nan Guo, and the old house’s waterfront restaurants. Ziyuan, Italian OTTOLINA Western-style simple meals, LADY7, Korean restaurant, and Baiyue Hui KTV etc forming more than 50 domestic and foreign high-end brands.

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