OCT Harbour Water Show Theater

with "mangrove full of life" as a creative element

OCT Harbour Water Show Theatre covers an area of nearly 10,000 square meters and has a lakeside theater that can accommodate nearly 2,500 people and a large-scale multimedia laser theme show "Dark Blue Fairyland." The "Dark Blue Fairyland" jointly created by the Sino-French International Team is based on the "mangroves full of life" as a creative element. It is based on the harmonious coexistence of people and all creatures as cultural connotations. The urban beauty girl Fifi with mangrove proboscis monkey Tao Tao find together a song of salvation in a difficult course as a main line of the story. With its majestic and magical water features and smart multimedia performances as its feature of performing, water curtains, fountains, lasers, projections, flames, music, pyrotechnics and other latest international multimedia art and technological achievements are used to present an unparalleled audiovisual feast with water and fire, light and shadow. Its innovative level in creative planning, performance techniques, viewing effects and music creation represents the top level of the world's large-scale multimedia water show programs.

A Brief Introduction to Principal Roles in Dark Blue Fairyland


The heroine of the story, a pure, beautiful, unique and venturous city girl.

Golden Monkey Tao Tao

Golden Monkey Tao Tao is a proboscis monkey elf living in the mangroves. It is naughty and lovely serving as a loyal companion during Fifi's magic journey.

Ten Highlights in Dark Blue Fairyland

1.The world's top multimedia innovation technology means and brand new artistic expressions representing the highest level of international new generation of multimedia water show.

2. Ultra-big 3D holographic projection water curtain combines virtual background and real performance subtly.

3. Spanning more than 120 meters of water stage, it can instantly transform the three major stage effects of performance, projection and flooding.

4. The 1/25-second performance smart control system will implement a variety of special effects coordination around stage performances and multimedia performances.

5. It is the world's most unique three-dimensional mobile fountain that achieves a 50-meter-wide water curtain and 60-meter wonderful flyer scenery.

6. Various video projections, lasers, flames, geysers, light emitters, water curtains, water explosions, water arches, etc have a total of more than 600 groups of various types of multimedia special effect equipment creating an immersive panoramic shock effect.

7. The giant projection rises from the sea level through the numerically controlled lifting system, and it immediately transforms into a fountain dancing with fireworks. The graceful and gorgeous elements seem to be a water and fire symphony "Farradora".

8. The seawater flows into the dance floor directly, where images blend in and show around the plot to create a 3D holographic audiovisual realm.

9. Nearly a thousand fireworks spray out, which are magnificent and majestic.

10. The uniquely shaped LED Dreamlike Waterwheel dances with the mangrove elf to form the mangrove people and nature harmonious coexistence spectacular scene.