Bay Breeze Boutique Hotel

Bay Breeze Boutique Hotel is located at the main entrance of Qushuiwan North District, with a construction area of approximately 7,000 square meters. As the first creative boutique hotel built by world-class design studios in OCT (Overseas Chinese Town) and even in the entire South China region, it is for leisure and business traveller with a wealth of travel experience and vision. In the construction, Bay Breeze Boutique Hotel has taken full advantage of its landscape location. Every detail in the design embodies by the famous Australian interior design company LAYAN's unique interpretation of Chinese culture . It brings a real feeling of fashion Chinese culture to the guests. 

Bay Breeze Boutique Hotel has a total of 57 unique guest rooms, which are located on the 5th to 7th floors of the hotel. The “Book Bar” on the first floor of the hotel is the first reading book bar with more than 4,000 books in the country, it provides a book rental service at the same time. Located on the third floor of the hotel is a open-air bar, where the lighting blurred, and the joys and enthusiasms are stirred in the cocktail clink. The health club on the third floor has all the pleasant views of the gym, and the matched small sauna and steam room are available for people to fully relax. Jump into the 25-meter open-air infinity pool and enjoy a cheerful swim. Sometimes lean against the poolside and enjoy a romantic summer cocktail overlooking the stunning view of the heart lake,  ecstasy.

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