Qushui Bay 2B block finalized to Baiyue Entertainment

2011-04-04 12:04 1261

For many merchants who settled in Qushui Bay on the Happy Harbour, Qushui Bay buliding 2B has important strategic significance: not only because the building has over 6,200 square meters of large area, 1,100 square meters of seaward balconies, but more importantly, Adjacent to China Film studios , the powerful entertainment "magnetic field" will bring a lot of passengers and VIP customers. It can be said that since the Qushui bay attract the investment, Building 2B has always been a hotlycontested spot for merchants.

After nearly ten rounds of contact and communication, on March 21st, Ms. Jia, the chairman of Shenzhen Baiyue Entertainment Co., Ltd, with the main shareholders visited Happy Harbour, and signed the Baiyue Entertainment in Happy Harbour lease contract with General Manager Yan Dan and Deputy General Manager Lin kaihua.

Yan Dan, general manager of the company, introduced that the Happy Harbour from the beginning of planning to fill the gap between Shenzhen's large-scale urban entertainment and eco-tourism margin. It will pioneering integrate cultural and coastal themed business and entertainment, and will surely occupy the high ground of Chinese urban complex, of which Qushui Bay Building 2B has a very important significance for driving the Happy Harbour and even Shenzhen Bar, KTV level.

Ms. Jia said that prior to this, Baiyue Entertainment focused its efforts on Luohu. In Shenzhen, it has formed a huge brand influence and profit growth points. Shenzhen Ferrari, Lamborghini team and other large VIP groups have used their subsidiary rich bars as fixed-point meeting places. With the gradual shift of Shenzhen's urban development focus to the west, the company is also looking for a suitable development point. The Happy Harbour is fully aligned with its development direction. As for entering the Happy Harbour, Baiyue Entertainment is full of sincerity and full of confidence, and is sure to become a leading player in Shenzhen entertainment.