Signed merchants continuous entry, Qushui Bay ushered in the merchant's peak period of decoration

2011-04-04 12:04 1501

OCT Harbour is an unprecedented large-scale comprehensive commercial project of OCT. As the project trial industry node approaches day by day, the occupancy rate of Qushui Bay, the core area of the first trial of the project, has reached over 90%. Merchant's entry decoration is also fast advancing. On the premise of ensuring the project trial operation is on schedule, to make the style, level and quality of the decoration of the merchants are fully reflected in the project positioning. The project management team led the departments of investment promotion, commercial management, and engineering design to conduct several rounds of communication with the merchants on the design scheme, entry time, delivery conditions, and production safety of the merchant's secondary decoration. The two sides set a goal of guaranteeing quality and opening up on time as the common goal, seeking common ground while reserving differences, overcoming difficulties, achieving a high degree of agreement, finalizing a detailed approach plan, and doing a good job of various preparations.

After Ziyuan Teahouse officially entered the site on March 7 for decoration construction, the project Qushui Bay ushered in the peak period of merchants entering the venue: From March 16, Huayuan No.1, three-dimentional Bar, OCT Harbour China Film Studios and many other merchants will enter the venue one after another and begin the second decoration of shops. In early April, the decoration work of more than 20 merchants will be intensive expand.

On March 16, General Manager Yan Dan, deputy general managers Liu Zhengwu, Lin Kaihua, and Assistant General Manager Zhou Feng led the related departments and together with merchant representatives, held a merchant entrance ceremony at Qushui Bay construction site. At the scene, Yan GM stressed that under the premise of guaranteeing the construction period, the OCT Harbour Project will fully cooperate with the merchants in the second decorate construction and do a good job of coordination and service work. The merchants stated that although the time is tight and the tasks are heavy, in the construction, the merchants will definitely cooperate with the project to speed up the construction progress, “make the best level, make the best tastes”, catch up with the “East wind” of the opening of the Universiade, and go with the project to trial operation grand ceremony in July.