Global coffee's top three brands COSTA Asia Pacific president visits Happy Harbour

2011-03-11 12:03 2094

On the morning of January 18th, Paul Smith, President of the UK-based coffee brand COSTA COFFEE Asia Pacific and Mr. Qiu Zibao, CEO of China, visited the Happy Harbour and conducted a comprehensive and meticulous inspection of the overall layout, business planning and construction progress of the proposed project.  Together discussed the possibility of opening a flagship store. This trip is the first stop for Mr. Paul Smith to visit the southern market in Costa, and is the first time he has personally visited a project that has not yet signed a cooperation intention.

In the prior to the sand table of the Happy Harbour Recruiting Center, Deputy General Manager Lin Kaihua gave a detailed introduction to the overall planning of the Happy Harbour, location advantages, transportation network, water system characteristics, commercial layout, ecological wetlands, and the background and development strategy of the Overseas Chinese Town, and accompanied by watching the advertising video of Happy Harbour. Paul Smith expressed a high degree of recognition for the overall design, planning and positioning of the project, consider that this is a project that has unique and innovative significance for Shenzhen, South China and even the whole country.

Subsequently, Lin GM led the team to the construction site to inspect. The guests were shocked by the grandeur and scale of the project. With Lin GM gradual exposition of the project of surrounding commercial activities of the brand's proposed rental location, the guests felt a series of surprises. They believed that the Happy Harbour must bring a new life experience to Shenzhen consumers. Paul Smith with a group of management team made a decision right away to open COSTA COFFEE's Shenzhen flagship store in the Happy Harbour project.

Link: About the COSTA COFFEE brand

COSTA COFFEE was founded in London in 1971. They established the famous coffee roasting workshop and to make the traditional Italian baking method processed slowly, to produce exciting coffee, supply local catering establishments and espresso specialty stores. slowly processed the traditional Italian roasting method to produce exciting coffee. It serves local catering establishments and Italian coffee specialty stores. In 1978, their first coffee shop was announced on Vauxhall Bridge Road in London. In the European market, they have developed quite rapidly, especially in the British Isles, with an average of 4 stores per 4 days. At present, there are 515 British stores in total. While developing at home, they are also actively planning global expansion. China is the first stop of its Asia Pacific plan. A year before entering the Chinese market, the company conducted consumer surveys in 10 key cities in China in order to quickly adapt to the Chinese people's demand and taste for coffee culture. The brand's handmade European pastries and snacks will also be adjusted according to Chinese dietary habits.

Unlike the American coffee culture represented by Starbucks, the forerunner of the Chinese market, the brand derives from the Italian style with European nobility, so it is positioned slightly higher than Starbucks. In addition, the brand is different from the "global chain standardization" promoted by coffee chain brands such as Starbucks. Its style in different countries and regions will be determined according to local tastes and aesthetics, and will be adjusted according to Chinese dietary habits.

That is the quality of Costa Coffee that has made it stand out among many brands. In the market survey, customers have consistently rated Costa as the supreme grade coffee manufacturer.