Happy Harbour a road of toward to a New Theme Business(4)

2010-12-22 12:12 1270

As for Qushui bay most distinctive dining and entertainment district, Qushui Street according to unique combination spatial combining form, to creates a poetic scene with bridges and rivers. Qushui Street has a construction area of approximately 57,000 square meters and is divided into four major theme areas: casual dining area, specialty dining area, western food area and bar area. selection assemble from all over the world delicate fine dining, music-flavors pubs, creative markets and so on, highlights the blend of culture and art of waterfront dining feature. 

By the year of 2008 get into trouble on all sides, until now more and more merchants took the initiative to find us and reduced business conditions to join us, Qushui Street has become a sought-after position in the eyes of merchants. Along the way, the hardships are self-evident. However, what many people do not know is that, even in the most difficult period of investment promotion, the management team and attract investment personnel of OCT Harbour have always strictly followed the strict selection principle of the company, resist all kinds of pressures, choose the most suitable merchants. So, what exactly are the strictly principles for the selection of "Sought-after"?


Because of the OCT Harbour Project is a works of innovation that blends the top quality resources of OCT, the introduction of merchants has also focused on inhaling new elements, giving people a completely new feeling. Based on this, for the first time, catering businesses entering the South China market or the Shenzhen market have become the first choice for OCT Harbour. Businesses such as Xiaonan Guo, Benjia, and the old house are all joined in the form of “Shenzhen’s first store” or “South China flagship store”, allowing customers to enjoy the delights of food that cannot be enjoyed elsewhere.


The so-called “specialist only master his own field”, the degree and level of specialization is the second element of the selection of catering businesses in OCT Harbour. For example, ANGELO Italian restaurant full of strong Italian style, whether it is the decoration of the store, or the production of food, packaging, and even the dress of the waiter, speech and behavior, all exudes a strong Italian style, Chef Angelo uses authentic Italian cooking , became a top chef in New York who is loved by many Hollywood stars.


In combination with project positioning, investment promotion personnel conducted in-depth research on existing catering brands in Shenzhen, selected catering businesses with certain characteristics and strengths, and built boutique stores and concept stores on OCT Harbour. Considering that Shenzhen's dining market have not too surprise steak, the French restaurant Le MARAIS has invited the top chef of the “steak godfather” class from France to create top steaks on the OCT Harbour to fill the gaps in the market.


In addition to Cantonese cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, Hangzhou cuisine, Hunan cuisine and other major Chinese cuisine, French cuisine, Japanese cuisine, Italian cuisine, Spanish cuisine, Thai food, Korean cuisine, German beer and cigars, wine, jazz, Chinese tea etc all things trendy. The distinctive merchants displayed different coastal flavors in the 58,000 square meters Qushui Street.

At the same time, the dining brands meticulously selected for the OCT Harbour must also take green, environmental protection and health as the principal operating principles, and unify implement the food safety management process, the principles of healthy cooking and the delicious recipes so that consumers can not only feel the uniqueness in OCT Harbour, but also can experience the high quality creativity life of OCT.