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Our Love to the Land of Taiwan

Began in 2005, Yuan had made Taiwanese herbal handmade soaps with a simple faith of loving people, the entire nature and the oriental health thinking. Nowadays, Yuan refresh the idea of art of labor force and sustains the warmth of handmade industry to the present. While practicing herbal research and development, Yuan believes that herbs and lands are the best teaching resources of all. Ever since 2007, Yuan settled Yuan’s Farm in Yangmingshan National Park with the most basic strategy, natural farming, which Yuan believes that it comes better than organic ways. Yuan gathers ingredients from Yuan Farm and transforms these essences into Yuan’s product series. In 2008, Yuan established Yuan International Herb Research & Developemnt Center.

Natural Healing Power from Herbs in Taiwan

Began with a simple handmade soap to liquid products, and all the way to scalp shampoo, hand sanitizer, cleaning products, oral care, essential oils and tea series. Yuan completely brings the herbs into natural products to people’s daily lives. In honor of “Made in Taiwan, ” Yuan will continue sharing the goodness of Taiwan by promoting local handcrafts accessories along with Yuan’s series products.