Shenzhen Tourism Information Center

Shenzhen Tourism Information Center is located in the southeast corner of OCT Harbour close to OCT Carnival Square. It is the first domestic city-level tourist information center built by Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sports and Tourism and OCT Group. This pyramid-shaped building constructed from white irregular diamond frame based on "natural growth of architecture" design concept according to the terrain creates a unique landscape architecture with "walking on the roof like the ground". It becomes one of OCT Harbour landmark building landscape.

Shenzhen Tourist Information Center is a blend of tourism information collection, information release, rich functions such as business services, and supporting the international first-class hardware facilities, integration of omnibearing tourism information resources, with its public welfare, openness and service as the SK red wine China new product launch, Volkswagen  advertising as well as the venue and location of numerous film and television dramas to become Shenzhen tourism information release, tourism product exhibition, tourism activities held iconic places committed to become a world leading level of municipal level tourism information center .